RBT Aggregation

What is RBT Aggregation?

Delegating the RBT Responsibilities to a Specialized Third Party

What is the benefits to outsource the RBT Aggregation responsibilities?

  • π You can wash your hands off functions that are difficult and time consuming to manage and control while still you realize their benefits
  • π Freeing up internal resources that could be put in to effective use for other purposes.
  • π Help you continue focusing on your core business processes while delegating mundane time consuming processes to us.

RBT Aggregation Pillars Why Protei MENA?

  • π Neutral – No competition with any content provider owner.
  • π Platform Developer & Provider.
  • π RBT Mobile Application provider.
  • π Proven Experience – Master aggregator in 4 operators across MENA region.
  • π A dedicated team of 6 well experienced employees.

What we do to Aggregate and Manage RBT Content??

Part of Protei Mena dedicated content team tasks are:
  • π Obtaining the contents from productions houses or content providers.
  • π Check the content proposed & Provide feedback and suggestions to the operator.
  • π WAP Portal & short Code Integration with the CMS (Content Management System) & SMS Services respectively

CP /content provider’s commercial activities:

  • π Prepare monthly reports for services providers, content activities
  • π Handel invoicing and payments
  • π Reporting complains and providing CPs with the solutions
  • π Ensure monthly download reports are delivered to all CPs.
  • π Coordination for content upload and providing selection of content to be uploaded for WAP and Microsite.

Cont. Part of Protei MENA dedicated content team tasks:

  • π Create new ideas to increase content sales
  • π Keep update on the latest RBT contents in the market
  • π Following up with the operator to get the monthly reports.
  • π Maintain the RBT & Contents catalog.
  • π Maintain the Copyrights and authorization letter for each content, Production house.
  • π Preparing a comprehensive report to measure the performance of various content partners and various properties
  • π Introducing RBT catalogues for the company, partners and other clients to the operator
  • π Maintain a comprehensive events calendar including, sporting events, & festivals, etc.

RBT Aggregation - Monetization

  • π Use innovative broadcast channels to market RBT service/Content: RBT Mobile Application targeted Bulk SMS, USSD Push, iSMS.
  • π Finding new revenue streams through RBT system like: Inapp Mobile advertisement, sponsor call.
  • π Mass RBT subscription: add RBT service to all new SIM Cards as predefines service.

RBT Aggregation partners