• π PROTEI product line is fully equipped to propose turn-key set for full-MVNO projects
  • π Wide experience in MVNO/MVNE creation in Russia and abroad

Solutions for MVNO/MVNE

PROTEI MVNO portfolio includes both core products such as HLR/HSS, STP, GMSC, GGSN, media-gateways, PCEF (DPI) and VAS products traditional for PROTEI such as SCP, SMSC and so on. Several products like HLR/HSS and OCS (Prepaid) specially adopted for MVNO/MVNE needs allowing building several MVNO sharing one platform.

PROTEI is ready to answer IoT MVNO demands proposing several solutions specially tailored for such MVNOs. PROTEI changed traditional licensing principles for such products crucial for IoT MVNOs as HLR/HSS and DPI.

Also, some specific features have been implemented in other network elements. E-Call support by PROTEI GMSC and MGW gives an opportunity to use PROTEI MVNO infrastructure in public safety projects whereas Multi-IMSI platform enabling cost-efficient inter-MVNO roaming may be extremely useful for IoT projects in transport infrastructure where the most efficient international roaming may be required.

Key benefits

  • π Complete set of platforms, core network elements MVNO/MVNE may need
  • π Unified architecture with virtualization capability
  • π Integration with any various network elements
  • π Cost-effective licensing
  • π Turn-key projects for several MVNOs
  • π In-house billing support
  • π High reliability without single “failure point”
  • π High performance, scalability and broad functionality

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