About Protei MENA
Protei MENA; the Jordan based Protei MENA Region branch, was founded in 2009.
Headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russia; Protei, is a 15 years of expertise leading company, maintains an advantage over other telecom solution providers.
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Protei MENA Branch.

Phone: +962-6-560 7833
Fax: +962-6- 562 0807
Email: info@Protei.me 


What you Get with Protei MENA

Wide Range of Products


Migration Wizards


Round clock Support

In-House Development


Global Presence


Competitive price


Team of Geniuses


Protei MENA RBT Aggregation

With Many success stories Protei MENA provided full RBT aggregation to many operators with 300% increament of revenue and subscribers

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  • Phone: +962-6-560 7833
    Fax: +962-6- 562 0807
    Email: info@Protei.me
  • Mailing Address:
    Protei MENA Branch
    Al-Otoum Commercial Complex 
    Suite No. 205
    Wasfi Al-Tal St. No. 98
    P.O. Box 961741 Amman 11196 Jordan
    Office Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m

About Protei MENA

The Jordan based Protei MENA branch, was founded in 2009 to better support Protei’s MENA Region clients
Protei MENA is the base of Protei’s high caliber and well trained Arabic speaking professionals.
Protei MENA Delivered 70+ New/Replacement projects in several MENA operators within the last seven years.

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