Value Added Services Solutions

Call Completion Suite

People need to stay in touch even when they’re not available. Whether its consumer or business use, voicemail has   become an expected service by wireless subscribers so they can receive and   retrieve their   messages at any time and from anywhere.

PROTEI Call Completion Suite is intended to maximize number of successfully completed calls   in Operator’s network by capturing of all unsuccessful calls that usually cannot be successfully completed due   to different reasons.

Solution includes several services allowing Operator to suite needs of different segments of Operator’s subscriber base.

PROTEI Call Completion system is  a  cost-effective,  high performance and  scalable solution, with a wide range of features to suit both  new and existing mobile  operators  that could be  introduced both  as an addition to existing voicemail system or as standalone service packet.     Solutions    integrated with voicemail system are also available.

The following services can be implemented basing on this platform:

π Missed Call Notification

π Notify Me

π Call Completion

π Video Call Completion

π Video/Voice SMS

π Comfortable Jump

π Call Collect (Pay4Me, Sponsored Call, Call for the Called party expenses)

π Voice Video Mail

“Who called” / ”Notify Me”

PROTEI Missed Call Notification System (“Who Called”) is intended for  giving  information about the calls  that  were missed by the subscribers, during the period when they were unavailable, by  sending SMS  with the  list  of telephone numbers from  where the  calls  were originated. It also can notify the calling party when the recipient is back to the network or when it becomes available for the   incoming calls   (the “Notify Me” sub-service). Deployment of the solution increases successful call share that directly increases operator’s revenues.

PROTEI Missed Called Notification System can be deployed as an addition to existing voicemail system or standalone service package.  Solutions integrated with   PROTEI voicemail system are also available.

Key Benefits:

π Flexible subscribers’ profile management

π Useful WEB-administration tool

π Easy integration with Operator's infrastructure

π Wide range of additional features suit both new and existing mobile operators

π Efficient working with CDR and statistics

Video Call Completion

With  PROTEI  Video  Call Completion solution Operators can  seriously increase video  call success ratio  that  is usually  low due   to  many   technical reasons and terminal compatibility issues. Video Call Completion platform may either convert 3G video calls into legacy 2G voice calls or capture the call as MMS and forward captured message to the subscriber then.

Voice SMS


PROTEI Voice   SMS   system is a carrier class asynchronous Short Voice Messaging Service that works across operators and networks. This is a talk and listen messaging alternative to the ‘type and read’ text messaging service provided by SMS.

Store and forward voice applications complements and enhances the revenue generation capacity of the investment already made in network resources such as voice circuits, SMS-centers and prepaid/billing systems.

Voice SMS technology provides the ability to interconnect between operators that allows easily increasing of service penetration across operators and countries. Operator can bill the service according to its business model. “Per message” billing like SMS leading to simplicity and faster adoption with just one rule added to rating engine. Service will work on all existing handsets. It doesn’t require any handset upgrade that allows covering the entire subscriber base.  Service works across all networks like 2G, GPRS, CDMA and 3G that makes him even more  universal than standard SMS.

Simple user interface without any complicated navigation requires minimal user experience.