Gateway Mobile Switching Center (GMSC)

Gateway mobile switching center PROTEI GMSC is designed for servicing voice calls of subscribers of a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

Functionally PROTEI GMSC is based on Softswitch class 4 with added possibility to request external servers via MAP and CAP signalling protocols. In addition to the main module the solution can also comprise media gateway PROTEI mGate.ITG and transit signaling point of SS7 network PROTEI STP.

GMSC Functionality

π Support of a large number of signaling protocols and their extensions that allows working with VoIP-networks and maintaining interoperability with PSTN.

π Powerful system of data collection and analysis for monitoring the quality of service (QoS) according to various parameters: Call QoS (ASR, CAPS, SC, ACD, PDD, SCD), Voice QoS (R-Factor, PESQ, bandwidth, loss).

π Intelligent routing of calls according to various parameters.

π SLA and the traffic intensity of directions.

π Ability to query external systems for routing parameters, in particular over protocol RADIUS.

π Ability to perform routing according to various parameters, including e- call flag.

π Use of certified SORM systems.

π Convenient licensing mechanism based on the number of simultaneous calls.

π Ability to modify the numbers of calling and called subscribers and to establish connection using the modified numbers.

π Ability to flexibly adapt the format of data included in records about provided services (Call Detail Record) according to the requirements of the operator and service providers.

π Ability to gather statistics on the provided services.

π Support of emergency indication through SNMP.