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Home Location Register (HLR/HSS)

PROTEI Home Location Register is a data base in charge of the management of mobile subscribers. A PLMN may contain one or several HLRs: it depends on the number of mobile subscribers, on the capacity of the equipment and on the organization of the network.

PROTEI Home Location Register is a cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution to suit both - new and existing mobile operators, mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), service- and content providers. PROTEI Home Location Register scalable architecture and flexible throughput licensing enables an operator or provider to select a solution that not only mirrors the revenue stream of today, but can be used to meet operator tomorrow's needs.

PROTEI HLR contains the permanent subscriber data register with entries for each and every subscriber within a mobile network. It contains static and permanent information about a subscriber (e.g. subscriber status, service subscriptions, supplementary services, permissions etc.). The HLR works as the central location to route calls within the respective mobile operator’s network. Most of the administrative activities regarding the subscribers are controlled and centralized around the HLR. The Authentication Centre (AuC) is integrated to PROTEI HLR to provide more efficient and effective mobile network design. Thus PROTEI HLR contains authentication information as well. It also forwards the charging information to the billing center.

PROTEI Home Location Register that is developed in strict accordance with ETSI 3GPP standards gives the Operator unique possibility to obtain a long-term storage of information about its subscribers containing pertinent user information, including address, account status, and preferences.


Key Benefits:


π Centralized database with information about each SIM-card

π Can be configured as a separated node in mobile network

π Horizontally scalable

π Single database remains for several HLRs

π Registration of roaming subscribers data, including TMSI and VLR

π Storage all information about services granted or requested by subscriber

π SNMP and alarm indication support

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Gateway Mobile Switching Center

Gateway mobile switching center PROTEI GMSC is designed for servicing voice calls of MVNO-subscribers.

PROTEI GMSC functionality is based on Softswitch class 4 and provides flexible signaling and voice traffic routing, high performance and full compatibility with equipment of different vendors.

The system provides quick and efficient deployment of traditional or virtual mobile network (MVNO and MNO) and supports a wide range of additional features required at transit level, including flexible traffic balance, backups, QoS and support of MNP. Optionally, the system may include transit node PROTEI STP for SS7 traffic processing.

Wide range of supported signaling protocols: CAMEL v2 ... 4 for implementing gsmSSF functionality; MAP (v1. .. 3) for interaction with HLR; SIGTRAN/M3UA for interaction with HLR and SCP; SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T for interworking with NGN networks.

Embedded LI functionality made PROTEI-GSM is supported and can be adopted according to national requirements.

Key Benefits:


π Compatibility with equipment of different vendors

π Intelligent calls routing according to various parameters

π Embedded gsmSSF subsystem (CAMEL phase 2..4 support)

π Scalable according to network growth

π Convenient licensing mechanism based on number of simultaneous calls

π CDR generation and statistic counters

π Ability to flexibly adapt the format of data to customers' requirements

π Powerful tool for statistics collection to ensure QoS

π SNMP for alarm indication