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What is RBT Aggregation?

Delegating the RBT Responsibilitiesto a Specialized Third Party

What is the benefits to outsource the RBT Aggregation responsibilities?

- You can wash your hands off functions that are difficult and time consuming to manage and control while still you realize their benefits

- Freeing up internal resources that could be put in to effective use for other purposes.

- Help you continue focusing on your core business processes while delegating mundane time consuming processes to us. 

RBT Aggregation Pillars Why Protei MENA?

- Neutral – No competition with any content provider owner.

- Platform Developer & Provider.

- RBT Mobile Application provider.

- Proven Experience – Master aggregator in 4 operators across MENA region.

- A dedicated team of 6 well experienced employees.

What we do to Aggregate and Manage RBT Content??

Part of Protei Mena dedicated content team tasks are:

- Obtaining the contents from productions houses or content providers.

- Check the content proposed & Provide feedback and suggestions to the operator.

- WAP Portal & short Code Integration with the CMS (Content Management System) & SMS Services respectively

CP /content provider’s commercial activities:

- Prepare monthly reports for services providers, content activities

- Handel invoicing and payments

- Reporting complains and providing CPs with the solutions

- Ensure monthly download reports are delivered to all CPs.

- Coordination for content upload and providing selection of content to be uploaded for WAP and Microsite.

Cont. Part of Protei MENA dedicated content team tasks:

- Create new ideas to increase content sales

- Keep update on the latest RBT contents in the market

- Following up with the operator to get the monthly reports.

- Maintain the RBT & Contents catalog.

- Maintain the Copyrights and authorization letter for each content, Production house.

- Preparing a comprehensive report to measure the performance of various content partners and various properties

- Introducing RBT catalogues for the company, partners and other clients to the operator

- Maintain a comprehensive events calendar including, sporting events, & festivals, etc.

RBT Aggregation - Monetization

- Use innovative broadcast channels to market RBT service/Content: RBT Mobile Application targeted Bulk SMS, USSD Push, iSMS.

- Finding new revenue streams through RBT system like: Inapp Mobile advertisement, sponsor call.

- Mass RBT subscription: add RBT service to all new SIM Cards as predefines service.

Need to know more?

If you need to know more about us and about our products ! 

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  • Phone: +962-6-560 7833
    Fax: +962-6- 562 0807
    Email: info@Protei.me
  • Mailing Address:
    Protei MENA Branch
    Al-Otoum Commercial Complex 
    Suite No. 205
    Wasfi Al-Tal St. No. 98
    P.O. Box 961741 Amman 11196 Jordan
    Office Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m

About Protei MENA

The Jordan based Protei MENA branch, was founded in 2009 to better support Protei’s MENA Region clients
Protei MENA is the base of Protei’s high caliber and well trained Arabic speaking professionals.
Protei MENA Delivered 70+ New/Replacement projects in several MENA operators within the last seven years.

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