CAMEL Gateway


PROTEI CAMEL Gateway is a horizontally scalable, carrier class system that unlocks a wide range of possibilities for providing IN services both in the home network and to outbound roaming subscriber.

The system allows real-time controlling voice call, SMS- and GPRS-sessions in GSM networks, using service logic applications. Convenient Service Creation

Environment being an additional component of CAMEL-gateway allows easy service creation and service tuning for wide range of VAS.

Embedded CAMEL-proxy functionality allows PROTEI CAMEL Gateway to be easily integrated into existing IN networks, allowing new services to be deployed with no disruption to the delivery of previously available services.

Horizontal scalability and easy integration with existing SCP installations make PROTEI CAMEL Gateway an ideal solution for providing IN Value Added Services in networks of all sizes.

SIGTRAN support ensures easy integration into next-generation mobile networks. Flexible API enables easy integration with service logic application developed by 3rd parties.

Such services as black and white lists, inbound consumption counting, number translation, mobile VPN, and others can be efficiently deployed basing on PROTEI CAMEL-gateway.




-Fast and simple IN service deployment

-Embedded CAMEL-proxy functionality

-Supports wide range of IN services

-Convenient service creation environment

-Network architecture with load balancing


Standalone CAMEL SSP

Deployment of PROTEI Standalone SSP gives to operators highly demanded opportunity to  organize CAMEL- roaming  in   the   networks  that don’t support CAMEL technology for subscribers from  CAMEL- enabled networks. PROTEI-SSP usage  provides an   opportunity to  access services that  are supported by the  intelligent platform (SCP)  of the  home mobile operator for inbound roamers registered in the  visited networks at  MSCs   that   haven’t integrated SSP  functionality and don’t support CAMEL technology. The system allows providing voice services (Prepaid, etc.) and SMS services according to CAMEL phase 2, 3 specifications.

Real-Time Charging Gateway

PROTEI Real-time Charging Gateway helps Operators to optimize and  simplify on-line authentication/authorization and charging procedures for many services such as data traffic charging including broadband data traffic  charging (WiFi, xDSL and so on). The wide range of supported    interfaces    means the   platform can be integrated into practically any GSM/UMTS network.


The platform supports all functionality need   for   smooth integration of different platforms and easy deployment of on-line authentication and charging capabilities for any services being delivered on those platforms. The platform supports such functions as  authentication, access  and accounting for data sessions controlled by 3GPP  or non-3GPP broadband access equipment, both    fixed   and    wireless,  real- time   charging of  data sessions controlled by broadband access equipment, both   for  Operator’s own subscribers and  inbound roamers, volume-based or time-based charging of data sessions,   call-based   charging for  voice  services such as VoIP calls  served by non  CS-core call control components.

System supports various methods for subscriber authentication and authorization: authorization using WEB-portal using MSISDN and one-time passwords requested by IVR, SMS or USSD   and/or vouchers, EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA authentication etc.

System supports a variety of interfaces    towards    platforms delivering services to be charged.

Integration can be done via RADIUS, http, or any other proprietary interfaces. Integration with OCS can be done via DIAMETER, CAMEL or billing vendor’s specific interfaces and protocols.

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