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    On April, 2018, PROTEI has become an associate member of GSM Association (GSMA). Only the mobile operators can be Full Members, so GSMA guaranteed the status of Associative Member to our company until March 31, 2019.

    PROTEI has successful experience working with the GSMA within the participation at the World Mobile Congress (MWC). However, GSMA mission is not limited by IT-events organizing. It is a global platform that ensures interests of all members at the mobile communications market. Mobile operators, equipment suppliers, regulatory organizations and certainly ordinary users can benefit of GSMA activity. 750 mobile operators in 220 countries and more than 200 equipment manufacturers are members of the GSM Association. PROTEI has been operating on the international telecommunications market for more than 15 years, so our joining to GSMA was expected.

    The GSMA Associate Membership has various advantages including the business ones. Firstly, PROTEI connects with a global mobile community and advanced information resources such as standards, methods of their implementation and analytical reports. Mirrored, we will be able to post information about our achievements and products, and also take part in working groups and industry focused projects discussing the GSM networks development issues. Secondly, the status of a GSMA Associate Member is granted only to reliable companies with a certain annual turnover and relevant experience in mobile technologies. Thirdly, GSMA Members are welcomed to a number of leading mobile industry events held by GSMA.

    Thanks to joining GSMA, PROTEI can be involved into the process of creating future GSM technologies and contribute to the formation of new mobile communication trends.





Mark your calendar!

Mobile World Congress is the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry, organized by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27 February – 2 March 2017
Join us at Hall 5 Booth 5H20D to explore our innovative solutions for mobile operators!
To book a meeting, please send your request to:

or at the below link:

    Powered and Managed by Protei MENA: Umniah launches its RBT Mobile Application [Aghanilak]

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    You can download Aghanilak Application for Android and iOS by click the links below : 

    Your Play Badge download-on-the-app-store


    Protei MENA [formerly known as Silat] a leading global provider of converged telecom solutions provided Umniah with its innovative Ring Back Tones Mobile Application (Aghanilak).

    Available on App Store and Google play, Aghanilak application was launched to enable Umniah subs to subscribe to the RBT service and customize their mobile ringtones by playing a wide selection of ring tones for their callers to enjoy, instead of listening to the normal waiting tone.

    Subscribers can assign their tones to play for all callers or customize them to play for specific individual callers or a group of callers; also they can gift tones to other Aghanilak subscribers or copy their friend’s tones
    Using Aghanilak RBT service, subscribers can browse/listen to more than 10,000 unique content among 14 different categories e.g. Rotana, Gulf & Iraqi, Fareast and Pre-released.

    It is worth mentioning that Protei Solutions’ cater more than 40 mobile and fixed-line operators in 37 countries to serve over 200 million subscribers worldwide through an integrated wide range of product lines to include: Messaging, Roaming, Value Added Services, Customer Care, NGN, Transport and Mobile & SIM card Applications.

[Protei MENA] once again exhibits at MWC 2016, in Barcelona, dated 22 February – 25 February 2016, showcasing new solutions for large organizations and mobile network operators.

During Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC 2016)- a must-attend annual gathering of the entire mobile industry- Silat Solutions plans to meet new business opportunities and generate new business deals, while showcasing brand new, revolutionary solutions both for Mobile Network Operators and global enterprises.

Protei MENA, forwarding its already leading position in mobile industry worldwide, offers new, innovative solutions for Roaming, VAS, Messaging, and Customer Care

Protei MENA exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to be informed of our new solutions, meeting us in our Booth 5H20, Hall 5

It would be a great opportunity to meet you all there in person, to discuss and discover new business opportunities and give you solutions, based on your own exact needs!

You’re always welcome to schedule a meeting with us, selecting the date and time of your preference, please contact

Aiva Mobile, PROTEI

PROTEI built MVNO core for MTT

PROTEI solutions for building Full MVNO are in demand in the telecommunications market. PROTEI solutions for MVNO core had been successfully launched as a part of MVNO kernel transformation project implemented by MTT.

Within this turn-key project PROTEI has delivered, installed and performed all necessary integrations of two key core network elements - the home location register (HLR + AUC), and Gateway Mobile Switching Center (GMSC), including media gateways MGW.

MVNO / MVNE project being implemented by MTT is intended to build an infrastructure of federal virtual operator for the implementation of several commercial projects, targeted at different categories of users. The project is implemented under AIVA MOBILE brand (, and now includes great offers for calls between the Russian Federation and Tajikistan, the Russian Federation and Finland, including, for example, some proposals that are unique for Russian operators like free incoming calls to the Russian and Finnish number for Russian roamers registered in Finland.

Implementation of technically challenging project taking into account relatively small subscriber base demanded solutions with the full functionality, but commercially viable. MTT chosen PROTEI products for that.


PROTEI unveils HLR/HSS – targeting MVNOs and start-ups

Complementing its MVNO product PROTEI introduces its new product, PROTEI HLR/HSS. The platform intended to suite needs of MVNOs and small/medium sized operators. It`s functionality completely corresponds all relevant 3GPP standards and cover requirements of any MVNO and MVNE. The system includes HLR and HSS functional modules that give a unique opportunity to build MVNO or MVNE delivering both GSM/UMTS and LTE services.

One of key functional elements of PROTEI HLR/HSS is PROTEI Multi-IMSI module that either can be deployed as a standalone solution or efficiently complement HLR/HSS functionality. Multi-IMSI roaming is extremely important for MVNO/MVNE as this platform gives them an ability to increase roaming coverage and related services’ portfolio dramatically. Wide range of supported signaling protocols and dialects enables easy system integration into heterogeneous network environment.


PROTEI Steering platform deployment in Batelco (Bahrain)

PROTEI MENA branch completed Steering platform deployment in Batelco (Bahrain). Operator has got feature-rich system answering demands of highly competitive roaming market.

Steering of Roaming service is implemented in strict accordance to GSMA IR-73 regulation. Range of steering criteria supported by the platform gave an ability to adopt the platform to Operator’s business requirements. Steering rules may be applied basing on such parameters as number of unique IMSI in the particular network, subscriber’s CoS etc. Also installed platform allows solving wide range of tasks such as managing roamers profiles, add/delete some supplementary services, modify MAP and CAMEL phases.

Since 2009 PROTEI solutions had been deployed in 9 countries across MENA region confirming high level of PROTEI products and expertise.


New installation of PROTEI DPI-platform

PROTEI has successfully completed DPI-platform installation for MegaCom, the leading telecom operator in Kyrgyzstan. The platform was launched for optimizing usage of network resources and broadening range of VAS-services for MegaCom subscribers.

Installation of DPI-platform allowed the operator to realize new stage of its technological development plan. The supplier was chosen because of successful results of an eight-year cooperation between PROTEI and MegaCom.

Key features of PROTEI DPI-platform are: easy integration with different types of networks (mobile or fixed including LTE), flexible policy management and high performance due to unique algorithms of hardware data flow processing.

Nowadays, PROTEI DPI-platform is working in common mode and serving all commercial traffic. So the operator has received a new effective tool for network resources distribution, and PROTEI significantly has expanded its experience in implementation and maintenance of Deep Packet Inspection solutions in the existing network.


PROTEI-GMSC - New Efficient MVNO-solution from PROTEI

PROTEI has certified its well-known product for MNO and MVNO - Gateway Mobile Switching Center (GMSC). PROTEI-GMSC is designed for servicing voice calls of MVNO-subscribers and provides all transit switching functions in mobile network.

Using PROTEI-GMSC guarantees quick and efficient network deployment for traditional and virtual mobile operators. The system supports a wide range of additional features required at transit level, including flexible traffic balance, backups, QoS and support of MNP. Optionally, the system may include transit node PROTEI STP for SS7 traffic processing.

The system functionality is based on Softswitch class 4 and provides flexible signaling and voice traffic routing, high performance and full compatibility with equipment of different vendors.

The new product has already shown its reliability and functionality serving real traffic flow. And PROTEI again broaden its range of certified products for MVNO and NGN operators.


PROTEI Installed Advanced PRBT for Umniah

PROTEI international team from PROTEI HQ and PROTEI MENA branch, has deployed advanced Personal Ring Back Tone (PRBT) for Jordan's fastest growing mobile telecom operator «Umniah».

This project helps Umniah modernize, improve and monetize existing PRBT service. Easy and invisible migration from previous solution to new platform was made for more than 140 000 subscribers with saving all their personal settings. The key project advantage is a range of options and marketing tools, which have been made especially for the customer, considering Jordan market access.

For example, «Hang up SMS» helps to know which song has other subscribers, “Anti RBT” allows to set your own melody for all outbond calls. In addition to this, songs, ordered via Web-portal can be rating by subscriber by pressing «like” button. As for marketing tools, PRBT has some interesting ones to manage advertising campaigns: “second song as a gift”, bonus points for inviting friends to use RBT service, “Auto dialer” for SMS-sending with PBT advertising and etc. The price for the song can be differentiated according the way of order (SMS, Web-portal, USSD). For example, if the price of Web-portal will be smaller, the subscriber is stimulated to use internet connection.

One of new interesting services - Video RBT is coming soon. This is opportunity to use RBT for Video calls. With more than 4 years in MEA region, our team has a strong presence there and has been working to provide advanced technologies to help Operators grow and succeed.


PROTEI to Enhance DPI Suite with Qosmos Network Intelligence Technology

PROTEI has chosen Qosmos’ ixEngine Network Intelligence technology to embed Layer 7 DPI capabilities into PROTEI DPI platform. As a result, PROTEI has been able to bring solutions for fixed and mobile telecom customers to market faster, allowing them to see a quicker time to revenue.

PROTEI is one of Russia´s leading providers of telecoms solutions and our product line includes a packet processing offering. PROTEI DPI product is a traffic management platform with deep packet inspection capabilities that allows customers to effectively manage the utilization of network resources and provide new value generating services, including dynamic policy enforcement, traffic charging and value-added traffic manipulation.

Qosmos ixEngine is the de facto industry-standard software engine for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and L7 application intelligence in telecoms, cloud and SDN architectures. Qosmos ixEngine identifies and extracts information traveling over networks in real time, providing a true picture of the traffic by identifying protocols, types of application, and extracting additional information in the form of metadata. Integrated into PROTEI’s platform, Qosmos’ technology has enabled to inject best-in-class metadata and protocol recognition into solutions, boosting innovation with a cost-effective approach, and allowing to keep ahead of the rivals in this highly competitive market. The modularity of Qosmos ixEngine has also enabled to develop solutions that could be tailored to fit our telecom operator customers’ business requirements.

“We realized that developing and maintaining application-level traffic parsing capability internally necessitated a considerable investment in internal R&D resources, which have detracted from our focus on our core business,” said Vladimir Freinkman, VP Marketing and Business Development at PROTEI. “More importantly, the complexity of the connections and the speed of change within the network infrastructure itself required us to seek out a specialist vendor. By using proven Qosmos ixEngine software, our development teams can stay focused on bringing new solutions to market much faster than ever before – in fact, in as little as 6 months!”

“Understanding the complexity of network traffic and how to best leverage it in your solutions can be a daunting task for many solution providers,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO of Qosmos. “We are proud to have delivered such business-defining benefits to PROTEI, to reinforce their position against the competition, and to contribute to their continued delivery of best in class technology to customers.”

PROTEI engineers gained invaluable experience working with colleagues at Qosmos, and both companies look forward to continued cooperation in the field of traffic management solutions.


PROTEI launches in Palestine

In another successful project in the Middle East, PROTEI Ltd. has completed delivery of service platforms for the Palestinian operator Wataniya Mobile. The new equipment has enabled the operator to significantly modernise its VAS platforms over the course of the past year and to launch an array of new and promising mobile services for its subscribers.

The project was made possible by the efforts of Silat Solutions, PROTEI's branch in the Middle East. Watanaya Mobile began operations in Palestine in 2009 and has grown to become the second largest mobile operator in the region. The company is fully committed to become the leader in terms of quality and variety of telecommunications services for business and private clients. Deploying new solutions from PROTEI Ltd. was a major event in the company's history. PROTEI provided its Missed Call Notification system, SMS Centre, Dynamic Voice Mail, Comfortable Jump server, Bulk SMS/MMS server, Call Back and the XVLR system for location-based targeted messaging.

The PROTEI SMS centre now handles a significant share of the operator's SMS traffic. The main tool for providing mobile marketing services is the Bulk SMS/MMS system, in conjunction with the XLVR platform, which enables targeting of subscribers in specified areas. In addition to the traditional missed call notification system, the Comfortable Jump service makes it easier to change numbers, notifying callers that the subscriber's number has changed. After hearing an automated voice message, the caller receives an SMS with the subscriber's new number. The subscriber also receives an SMS notification that a call was made to his old number.

With the CallBack server, roaming subscribers can order a callback via SMS or USSD query. A n interesting feature of the service deployed in Palestine was the 'unconditional' callback option, which, once activated, enables all calls to be connected via callback.

All the PROTEI platforms are fully integrated into the operator's existing infrastructure. The successful completion of the project has significantly strengthened PROTEI's presence on the Middle East telecommunications market.


PROTEI Roaming solutions in Iraq

PROTEI Ltd. has completed a major project in Iraq, with the deployment of the PROTEI GLR (Gateway Location Register) platform for local mobile operator Asiacell (Qtel) in the city of Sulaymaniyah.

Asicell, the first and largest mobile network operator in Iraq, has been in the country since 1999 and today has a subscriber base of nine million. That number is constantly growing, but so too is competition on the Iraqi mobile services market, especially in the high-value roaming services sector.

The operator required a state of the art system that would enable it to increase the number of roaming subscribers in the network while reducing signalling traffic. The GLR platform from PROTEI proved to be exactly the system the Iraqi operator needed. This deployment was made by PROTEI international team from PROTEI HQ and PROTEI MENA branch, Silat Solutions.

The PROTEI GLR (Gateway Location Register) roaming platform acts as a link between the VLR and/or SGSN and HLR. It is designed to optimise signalling traffic processing in roaming.

The GLR system saves inbound roamers' profile information on initial registration and subsequently provides this information in response to any query from the VLR. This significantly reduces the need to query HPLMN elements and greatly reduces risks that could lead to the loss of a client.

The system deployed in Iraq enables the operator to increase the number of roaming subscribers in the network by improving the registration procedure. At the same time it reduces signalling traffic expenditure by reducing the number of signalling units transmitted on roaming channels.

A similar roaming platform was previously installed in the Jordanian mobile network Umniah, where it has proven its reliability and low cost of ownership under real operating conditions.

The successful project in Iraq for Asiacell is another step in PROTEI's overseas business development. Our engineers gained invaluable experience working with our colleagues at Asiacell, and both companies look forward to continued cooperation in the field of roaming solutions and service platforms.

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About Protei MENA

The Jordan based Protei MENA branch, was founded in 2009 to better support Protei’s MENA Region clients
Protei MENA is the base of Protei’s high caliber and well trained Arabic speaking professionals.
Protei MENA Delivered 70+ New/Replacement projects in several MENA operators within the last seven years.

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