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DPI Platform

PROTEI DPI is a traffic management platform with deep packet inspection capabilities allowing effectively managing utilization of network resources and providing new value generating services. The main functions of PROTEI DPI are: dynamic policy enforcement, traffic charging and value-added traffic manipulation

PROTEI DPI performs policy enforcment on a per-subscriber basis according to the parameters of subscriber's plan. The system supports traffic prioritization at subscriber level which allows to provide service to privileged subscribers with the claimed QoS even during network congestion at peak hours or in crowded places (for example at football or at concert). When network channel is overloaded data flows with higher priorities are granted with the bandwidth required for normal service quality while data flows with lower priorities are throttled.

PROTEI DPI supports policy enforcement and charging rules on a per-data flow basis according to service type, date and time, subscriber's service usage history, subscriber's location, instructions from external policy server etc.

Key benefits:

-Signature-based and statistical-based detection of application layer protocols including P2P, IM, Email, Voice/Video over IP, streaming, gaming, web and security at up to 80 Gbps on a single chassis

-Dynamic bandwidth control during network congestion

-Policy enforcement by bit rate limitation and priority control on a per-subscriber per-flow basis

-Flow-based and even-based real-time charging using Diameter protocol (Gy)

-Gx Usage Monitoring

-Time-based policy and charging rules

-Per-service periodically replenished quotas (e.g 1 gigabyte of YouTube per day or 20 gigabytes of Facebook per month)

-WEB-based statistical and configuration interface, CSV UDR files, online channel monitoring

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Policy Controller (PCRF)

As more and more new Internet applications appear, the amount of traffic types requiring different QoS parameters of mobile network grows as well. To guarantee appropriate level of service quality mobile network operators need an intellectual mechanism of bandwidth redistribution and relevant charging of broadband subscribers. As a 3GPP-compliant PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) PROTEI Policy Controller allows to change properties of data channel allocated to a subscriber and apply charging rules dynamically during Internet session. As a result, 3G or LTE network equipped with PROTEI Policy controller adapts its characteristics according to changing external conditions (network overloads, traffic mix change and so on) for the most effective monetizing of mobile broadband network infrastructure.

About PROTEI Policy Controller

PROTEI Policy Controller is an intellectual node regulating policy and charging parameters of mobile broadband subscribers in 3G and LTE networks. Equipped with a flexible and easy-to-manage policy decision engine PROTEI Policy Controller allows to implement mobile network operator’s business need in policy and charging rules providing dynamic distribution of limited broadband network resources. Policy and charging control in modern networks implies dynamic per-service modification of available bandwidth and money debiting rules during ongoing Internet session depending on the type of service, subscriber profile parameters, subscriber historical data, date and time and commands from external systems like subscriber portal. Besides data channel parameters control PROTEI Policy Controller allows to manage content-filtering rules for the subscribers providing parental control or corporate control services.

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Bill Shock Prevention Platform


Bill shocks’-related cases are generating many problems not only for Customers, but also for Operators.   Both customers who roam don’t use their mobile  devices   because   they are  worried about usage costs, and subscribers  who   use  their data services without regard  to costs  are  source  of  headache for mobile operators. Customers become   angry with Operator for sending  them  a huge bill, and  Operators often cannot collect huge amounts from  their subscriber (due to image risks  of other  reasons)  but   responsible for wholesale amount to be  paid to their roaming partners.

PROTEI Data Usage Control and Bill shock Prevention System allows to avoid the customer complaints that follow bill shock by notifying roaming subscribers in real-time about their data traffic consumption and related costs This platform enables subscribers to set spending and/or usage thresholds based on      pre- established policies. The policies may be configured by subscriber and by Operator as well.

System has   capability to inform subscribers via SMS upon approaching this threshold and switch   service off as soon as consumption limit had been reached.

Solution deployment will help Operators to assist their roaming subscribers to manage data roaming costs, while also helping prevent fraud and abuse of flat- rate data roaming plans.

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Diameter Real- Time Mediation

Diameter is a key next- generation signaling protocol for contemporary all-IP networks, carrying policy,   charging, mobility management, and authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) traffic.


Diameter traffic will accelerate quickly with the increasing of LTE and IMS network rollouts, which could create congestion, scalability and interoperability issues at the signaling layer. These issues may be especially important and complicated for Operators taking into account that as a protocol Diameter is not well defined and some education in the industry will be required to make the best use of it. There are a lot of extensions to Diameter that may lead to interoperability problems also.

PROTEI Diameter Real-Time Mediation Platform (DRTM) enables single connection point for all Diameter-based entities interacting within Operator’s network. The new network element is called the Diameter Real-Time Mediation Platform (DRTM) and  it helps Operators manage services and applications  on   3G   and    all-IP LTE and   IMS networks. PROTEI DRTM centralizes routing, traffic management and  load-balancing tasks to create an architecture that enables Operator’s IMS and  LTE networks to  grow   incrementally to support increasing service and traffic demands.

The DRTM deployment reduces the complexity of connecting, provisioning and interoperating essential Diameter-based equipment.

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